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Why do you need bicycle insurance?

Bikes can cost thousands of pounds to replace if they are damaged or stolen, but having a bicycle insurance policy could cover the cost. It can give you financial protection against:

  • Theft
  • Accidental or malicious damage
  • Personal accidents
  • Third party liability

Some policies can also cover things like bike hire, accessories and taking part in competitions like time trials, road races and triathlons.

Are you already covered?

If you have a home contents insurance policy your bike might be covered against theft and malicious damage already. However, most contents policies will not cover expensive bikes, or when you take them away from home, unless you pay extra. If you have a bike worth over £2,000 that you use regularly to get around, or if you take part in competitions, bicycle insurance will give you the best cover.

Bicycle insurance FAQs

Q: Will my contents insurance cover my bike?
A: But only when it is in your home or locked away on your property. Most contents policies do not cover expensive bikes.

Q: Will I be covered if I crash my bike?
A: It can cover the cost of any damage to your bike, and you can claim if you suffer a serious injury, or if you damage someone else’s property.

Q: Am I covered to take my bike abroad?
A: Most policies offer foreign travel cover for around 60 days a year. Check the policy first because you may have to pay extra to include this cover.

Q: Will my bike accessories and clothing be covered?
A: Most policies cover accessories like protective clothing, GPS or lights as standard. If not you may have to pay extra to include them in your policy.

Q: How long can I get cover for?
A: Most bike insurance policies last for 12 months, but you might be able to get a short term policy of a few weeks or months.

Q: Do I need to use a specific lock for my bike?
A: Most insurers only accept a claim for theft if your bike has been secured using an approved lock.

Q: Will I be covered if I get a puncture?
A: Most insurers will not cover punctures or damage to your tyres unless the bike is damaged at the same time.