We are stockists for Orbea, KTM, Orange, Kinesis, Tifosi, Dawes and Squish but we are happy to repair and service any make, model or type of bike.

So long as the bike is £300 or more we can offer finance terms to purchase your choice ranging from 6 to 12 months at 0% interest and 24, 36 or 48 months with varying interest terms. We’ll be happy to provide you with a personal quotation.

We also have our Christmas Club which allows you to pay in advance installments for your bike ready for Santa Claus to deliver on Christmas Eve!

We have three service levels; Bronze at £35.00, Silver at £55.00 and Gold at £75.00 and what each level includes is listed on our Servicing page elsewhere on the website. These prices do not include any parts, components or any other servicing requirements your bike may have.

It is always better to book your bike in as the workshop can then allocate a time to carry out the necessary work but we are happy to take your bike in although this would not guarantee that your bike will be worked on any quicker. Depending on how busy the workshop is, the waiting time for repairs or servicing could be anything from one day to two weeks.

Our Bronze service would normally be carried out in one day whereas the Silver and Gold services will normally require two days although unforeseen issues can occur. However, should your bike require any parts or additional work, the time needed could be longer depending on whether the components are in stock with ourselves, with our suppliers and often the vagaries of courier services.

This is very much dependent on the amount of use, the type of rider you are and the type of conditions under which you cycle. The recommended minimum would be once a year but those who regularly put themselves or their bike under strain should consider six-monthly intervals.

Normally this would be within a radius of 15 miles from our shop in Pitscottie but we will try to accommodate your needs and can be flexible on this.

We certainly can. In most cases we can order items and have them delivered to us on the next working day.

Many customers prefer to buy a bike frame only then customise it with the parts, accessories and components of their own choice. We will always be happy to help you to make the bike specific to your needs and can offer advice if you are unsure about the compatibility of any of your preferences.

Due to limitations in space, this is something that we only do vary rarely. In most cases, the circumstances where we can offer second-hand bikes is where we have accepted a bike as part-exchange for a new bike. Any second-hand bikes will normally be listed on our eBay page but please contact us if there is something you are particularly looking for.

We can also help with the following:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any further information which is not answered above.